Saturday, April 23, 2011

the polebender invitational

Early this morning i met up with a friend and fellow fishermen from the oregon fishing forum to do some bass fishing with around 15-20 other people from the forum.  we all met up ,shook hands and talked for a while and then i launched off into the pond  taking my first ride in a pontoon.  Itwas the funnest thing ever. Early in the first and only bass of the day was landed by mr. colby pearson.  The bite was slow, fish were not active and there were a few missed oppourtunities by  only a few anglers including me.    It was a beautiful day outside and  even though the fishing wasnt good it was fun. The food was great . Besides the sunburn the day was perfect. I also got some new waders aand some bass stuff. I think im going to start bass fishing more again.   I'm going to remember this trip for a long time.    Some prizes were raffled off and we cleaned up and chatted for a bit before leaving.  A big thanks to the man who organzied this event and provided food and boats/pontoons as well as some good spirit.  more photos to come, this post will be edited once new photos are available

Friday, April 8, 2011

a change of luck-my first dry fly fish.

Well, it was a boring day after school..  very nice,sunny and warm. Then i get a call that a friend is going to a job interveiw and wanted to know if i would acompany him. I said hell yes! knowing the I-5 bridge was on the way there i grabbed a fly rod ,my box and we headed out.  After the interveiw we stopped and ate for a few minutes and talked. Then i got my rod out, scouted a bit of river and  tied on a dry  because the stoneflies were hatching. The first cast was horrible and sloppy and my dead drift wasn't even dead.   Second cast was so smooth and i placed it right in the perfect spot.  I watched the fly get carried by the current forever, until it hit a shadow and BAM!   not a steelhead as i was looking for, but a feisty little cutthroat going nuts with my size 12 royal stimlator in it's mouth.  after that fish i had to nymph because i had no fly floatant.   I got one bite on a rubber legged bead head prince nymph and called it a day.  a good one at that.