Tuesday, May 29, 2012

olalla reservoir trout fishing

Yesterday i went with the family to a new-to-me location,olalla reservoir near toldeo,Oregon.This is a stocked location but has viable food sources to where the trout get acclimated and survive just like wild trout,they also grow very large here,witch makes it the perfect place for float tubes and fly rods.I was honestly ill equipped and feared i might be skunked.The night before while that thought ran through my head  i dug through what i have left of fly tying materials and came up with something i thought might work.The pattern was very simple,i used a grizzly marabou tail, pheasant tail ice dub in a dubbing loop for the body, a 1/8 gold bead at the head and it was tied on a size 10 2x long hook.I tied it on when we arrived i trolled my way around for about 15-20 minutes with no bites,so i went straight to fishing said fly under a strike indicator with a red/black chironomid pattern behind it on a 9 ft long 5x leader.I managed one bite but was still not really getting anything,but after a while i realized my problem,a 9ft leader isnt long enough to reach the fish so i switched right over to a 14ft leader and i immediately started getting bit and was getting fish all over!! this continued for about 4 hours, fish were rising everywhere and other anglers where catching a few fish here and there  and i caught over 2 dozen trout on the same flies,mainly on the mini leech because the chironomid got torn up on the first fish that took it.sometimes i would leave my flies int he water while turning my float tube to move,then i would look back and my strike indicator would be under..it was fun fishing. i even had one fish bite my indicator!! after that it slowed down and i caught 5-6 more trout  but for some reason the bite died off the rest of the trip and i saw nobody catching anything. My family members were spin fishing and were not able to tap into any trout but managed one bass and some perch. It was a great day out, and my new 5wt stood up to the test!! here are some fish/scenery pics and video



Sunday, May 27, 2012

opening day

most oregon streams opened for trout may26th so me and a friend headed out early to get as many hours as possible on the water. We later found out it was a great choice because the fish were spread out and covering the water was the name of the game. we fished nymphs all and caught some very nice some tok an unbelievable amount of line,some jumped 3ft in the air, there was a new surprise around every corner.This trip was really catch and release wild trout fishing at it's finest. We were away from everyone..just us,the stream,the fish and wildlife, when in the wilderness you feel somewhat connected to it , just relaxed and there is nothing like it. No bait containers,no lures stuck in trees and wads of fishing line just the beauty of the oregon coast range.

We got ALOT of video footage this trip but it wont be available for atleast a week, ill post it all once it's edited and everything..hope these pics will hold you all over until i post the videos!!

very healthy and hard fighting cutthroat ate a possie bugger

another nice wild cuttie
                                                           Some scenery/stream pics

Sunday, May 20, 2012

cutting it up

Me trying to land a fish
Yesterday me and a friend fished  a stream for cutthroat  since the water has dropped in recent days.
Within ten minutes we were already getting some fish, these fish didn't have any real size to them but they fight very hard and are beautiful wild trout. we both chose to fish different techniques that way we could each land the most fish possible. I fished nymphs and my friend used dries. We did a little bit of hiking covering water,catching  a fish and missing bites every now and then until the sun came out,then the fishing turned on and we were catching scrappy little cutties out of pockets/seams left and right!
 in one nice long and deep run  we got 4 fish each and i hooekd one giant that managed to shake the hook.after that the fishing seemed to die down and we caught a few more fish before calling it a day.
This was the first real trout trip of the season,a good one at that.  Here are a few pictures we took
might have some gopro video footage up after next saturday.

Nice cutthroat taken on a possie bugger nymph

This scrappy little cuttie took my nymphs on the swing

The stream

Sam fishing a small run

another one of the stream
a nice little cuttie sam caught, it had a chunk taken out of it's back from a bird

another one of sam's on a dry

Thursday, May 17, 2012

another day at the pond

Yesterday started out with me and my buddy going to check out a new place we had recently heard of
recently. We arrived at that place,fished for an hour or two with no bites at all and we didn't see a single fish. After that disappointment  we headed to the regular pond and got on some feisty bluegill and crappie right away. We got into all sizes of fish and at one point i even caught fish on 6 consecutive casts and hooked one on the 7th but it popped off. My buddy was using his spinning rods and caught a crappie on a spinner bait while going after bass (i know i know this is a fly fishing blog,but not all of my friends only fly fish like myself)  We saw a few nice bass jump but none wanted our offerings,i tossed cork popper flies and my friend tossed all kinds of stuff on his spinning gear but no bass. it seems im doing alot more warmwater then stream fishing for this time of year but that will change starting the 26th. either way i enjoy catching bluegill and trout but trout are my favorite
Here are some pics from the trip

Monday, May 14, 2012

scouting some water

spent a few hours rock flipping to look for bug activity in a local stream and to scout some spots for the opener in 12 short days..cant wait to start slaying the trout! here are some pictures i took

Sunday, May 13, 2012

slow day

things haven't been going the best lately, tried to get away and fish yet the bad luck followed us, i barely got to use the float tube and half the spots we went had no fish, i knew where we could have gone to fish but for a stupid reason we didn't go there. anyways on to the fishing, i didn't get the footage i wanted of course because nothing went right really.. caught about a dozen fish, 6 pike minnow (commonly called chubs or squaw) and 6 bluegill. all the gills were in coves under a very thick mat of cotton wood, and it was a challenge catching them. i managed a few fish and missed a few bites at our last stop of the day but that cottonwood is just so nasty it was near impossible, and the fish were nowhere else to be found. Tuesday im hitting on of the local small streams for trout again hopefully my luck will change

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

update of a long week and conservation

Well, almost the weekend now, we are approaching  85 degree weather..cant wait i have been bored out of my mind lately just waiting to fish. my box is stocked for a trip for warmwater species this weekend, i will be taking the float tube out for the first time this year. alot of stress floating around in my household right now,sick people stressed parents and all. it isn't very fun.. im just trying to hold on until may 26th when the local stream opens so i can have somewhere to fish without worrying about gas... gas prices have really affected fishing. this weekends trip should be an epic one look out for pics/video saturday and sunday.


                              Conservation /misc  

    Lately there has been an ongoing effort so slow the goose logging project on the McKenzie bridge area of the upper McKenzie river,  This area of old growth forest is beautiful and and is also important to many animals that call the Upper McKenzie  basin home But loggers threaten to cut it down. i Wont write up too many details,because more info can be provided in the below links.

Upper McKenzie river (could you imagine the banks without trees?)
Please go to these links and read up on the goose project and see what you can do to save McKenzie bridge and help protect the fish that live in this section of river,and the animals that roam in the woods. thank you for your support,please pass this on and make sure everyone is aware of this project





Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a quick warmwater report

went out with the old man for a few hours,this was te first time ive  ever targeted  bluegill whe the weather is rather chilly, but i managed to entice a few fish.slowly dragging a nymph in 3-6 ft of water seemed to work well.   i ended up with a dozen bluegill ,1 crappie and a bunch of small perch not bad for 3-4 hours on a chilly day no big scrappy gills but two really surprised me by taking m fly right at the bank then taking off. this gets me excited for warm weather. Another plus, i didnt lose anything on this trip for some reason  usually im getting caught in trees and getting tangled left and right.