Rich Youngers Fly Fishing Guide Serivce

          Rich Youngers is an experienced Oregon fly fishing guide who specializes in fly fishing for            salmon,steelhead, and trout in the Willamette Valley and on the Oregon coast.Rich guides several productive streams such as the Nestucca river, the Salmon river, the North Santiam river, and the McKenzie river.Rich is an innovator when it comes to salmon & steelhead fly fishing with his many years of experience chasing these sought after fish.For contact information and more on Rich and his guide serivce, please visit the link provided below.


                             Weather Links
 Weather can be a very important component when considering a fishing trip anywhere in the state.It is important  to know wind speed, rain predictions, high and low pressure systems, and many more variables. Always look at the weather before fishing so you know to prepare. Intellicast weather has always been a consistent favorite of ours as it provides an up to date accurate weather forecast for any given area. Accuweather has also been a great resource, though sometimes less up to date on it's forecasts compared to intellicast.

                                    Water Levels            

Besides weather, water levels have to be the most important variable when fishing for anadromous species such as salmon & steelhead. One who commonly fishes for these species knows having a certain water level is key, so the water is not too high, or too low. Below are a few very good websites where you can find updated water levels for most of Oregon's streams.




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