Friday, July 3, 2015

back on track

Well, i'm on vacation from work and i thought there wouldn't be any better time to get this blog started up again than right now.I've found that being a responsible..well sometimes responsible adult requires me to put certain things off.this blog has unfortunately not been on the priority list.

i'll start with last year which i kinda disappeared from after may.My fishing interests have definitely made a shift,and i mostly enjoy stillwater fly fishing.Namely chironomid fishing. I had a blast last season chasing big strong trout at the cascade lakes,then eventually going for fall salmon and winter steelhead as usual. This year i've done much of the same but the drought has of course limited that.So i think the direction of this blog and the subject of it is going to lean more towards oregon stillwater trout fishing,and winter steelhead for the most part. there will be posts not related to those two of course,but they will be the main focus.The reason being is work and soon more school have me at a time and money restriction that doesn't allow me to go after every fish in all kinds of water. i kinda had to pick my favorites.So,we'll see what the future holds for this website.

keep an eye out for more posts in the near future, i really am happy to be working on this blog again.
Here is some fish porn for you all till next time

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