Thursday, June 21, 2012

off the hook dry fly fishing

Me and my friend sam hit a small stream  recently  and it proved to be the most successful  trip so far this year. We covered alot of water mainly tossing dries into fastwater pockets and plunge pools in boulder gardens.
it seemed through different stretches the fishing would turn on and off ,the sun was constantly peeking out and going away and it sprinkled lightly every now and then but still the fish were looking up and had an appetite for my peacock elk hair caddis.A total of over 70 fish between me and sam were brought to hand by the end of the trip ranging from little 4 inch fish to some pretty 10-11 inch fish with fat bellies from gorging themselves on bugs. It was an excellent day out and the season should be reaching its peak next month on this stream. NOTE: THE BELOW VIDEO IS BEST WATCHED ON YOUTUBE IN THE HIGHEST QUALITY POSSIBLE

Friday, June 15, 2012

tis the season

it seems this year has bee an off year so far, some places it is a high water year,and others its a low water year. It has been tough to say the least. the fishing has actually been good,but fish have been in weird spots and we have had to hike greater distances than usual to reach better fishing.As you can see from previous reports some gorgeous wild trout have come to hand, for me it has been pretty much all fishing bead head nymphs with strike indicators until recently,the water is nice and cool,the weather has warmed up and the trout are starting to look up at  the many bugs that have been hatching.Today i managed to catch a few on dries and even watched a few rise to naturals, it was cool to see.. yes,its warm weather and dry fly season,so pack up with some water and sandwiches, tie on your favorite dry fly and start casting!

Here are some more recent pictures.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

high flying cutthroat trout

Here is a video my friend sam shot of me hooking into a fat cutthroat  on one of our recent trips,this was the first time we have got a hookup,fight,land and release on video. it came out pretty good!
were hoping t get more footage like this in the future.


NOTE: the video is way better in full screen

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another great day out

Decided to hit the water again to go after some trout,This time it was a little different.Instead of hitting a section we knew about we went to a completely new area and checked it it. although there were not alot of spots to fish in this new to us section the few we did find were awesome and had some nice fish.One spot we arrived at my friend set his camera up to get some footage of me getting into a fish and what do you know,on the very first cast  i got into a a fat cuttie that went airborn like a tarpon a few times and bent my 4wt in half!  honestly up until that point i was still half asleep from the lack of sleep from the night before ,but that fish really got me going
a very healthy cutthroat trout taken on a possie bugger nymph

After that the bugs were out in force and my friend started picking fish off with golden stone dry flies one after the other and for some odd reason, one fish found a dry fly stripped under the surface appealing
             After heavily fishing that section the action died off so we moved a ways up in the system and stopped at a small  tributary before moving upstream in the mainstem,sam caught a few in there.we found a few more nice trout before the weather turned the bite off,then we called it a day Here are a few other pics from the trip

small tributary