Friday, June 15, 2012

tis the season

it seems this year has bee an off year so far, some places it is a high water year,and others its a low water year. It has been tough to say the least. the fishing has actually been good,but fish have been in weird spots and we have had to hike greater distances than usual to reach better fishing.As you can see from previous reports some gorgeous wild trout have come to hand, for me it has been pretty much all fishing bead head nymphs with strike indicators until recently,the water is nice and cool,the weather has warmed up and the trout are starting to look up at  the many bugs that have been hatching.Today i managed to catch a few on dries and even watched a few rise to naturals, it was cool to see.. yes,its warm weather and dry fly season,so pack up with some water and sandwiches, tie on your favorite dry fly and start casting!

Here are some more recent pictures.

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