Thursday, June 21, 2012

off the hook dry fly fishing

Me and my friend sam hit a small stream  recently  and it proved to be the most successful  trip so far this year. We covered alot of water mainly tossing dries into fastwater pockets and plunge pools in boulder gardens.
it seemed through different stretches the fishing would turn on and off ,the sun was constantly peeking out and going away and it sprinkled lightly every now and then but still the fish were looking up and had an appetite for my peacock elk hair caddis.A total of over 70 fish between me and sam were brought to hand by the end of the trip ranging from little 4 inch fish to some pretty 10-11 inch fish with fat bellies from gorging themselves on bugs. It was an excellent day out and the season should be reaching its peak next month on this stream. NOTE: THE BELOW VIDEO IS BEST WATCHED ON YOUTUBE IN THE HIGHEST QUALITY POSSIBLE

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