about me

    My name is Brandon Hill, i'm 19 years old and i love the art of fly fishing. I first started pacific northwest fly fishing back in 2010 when i first picked up a fly rod.as a 15 year old kid with limited school and no job, i had lots of free time on my hands, and i wanted to document every step of the way,with no limits at all. Being so young and enthusiastic i have been able to absorb so much information, and so many skills in such a short amount of time that fly fishing has become a part of me as a person, and my every day life.

    the purpose of this blog is for me to provide you all with some good reading material,tips,reviews,and of course those fish pics we all look for on our down time.Because i was lucky enough to have some of the best teach me some tricks,i feel it' only right to pass it on.

if you have any questions,comments,or concerns, i would gladly take them and asnwer them both personally,and possibly in a post.

as always

tight lines,

B Hill


  1. Nice pictures there Brandon! That salmon is huge! If you find the time email me some good lakes or rivers to try to this summer! hendricks87@msn.com thanks!


  2. thanks! thats actually a wild winter steelhead i caught march 24th,i have caught a few salmon though,those are also a blast

  3. I'm 18 and I love fly fishing. I really like your blog. I fished the coast range two weeks ago and had some success with small cutthroat with a green and orange simulator. I mostly fish the Mount Hood National Forest but the Coast range is great!