Tuesday, May 29, 2012

olalla reservoir trout fishing

Yesterday i went with the family to a new-to-me location,olalla reservoir near toldeo,Oregon.This is a stocked location but has viable food sources to where the trout get acclimated and survive just like wild trout,they also grow very large here,witch makes it the perfect place for float tubes and fly rods.I was honestly ill equipped and feared i might be skunked.The night before while that thought ran through my head  i dug through what i have left of fly tying materials and came up with something i thought might work.The pattern was very simple,i used a grizzly marabou tail, pheasant tail ice dub in a dubbing loop for the body, a 1/8 gold bead at the head and it was tied on a size 10 2x long hook.I tied it on when we arrived i trolled my way around for about 15-20 minutes with no bites,so i went straight to fishing said fly under a strike indicator with a red/black chironomid pattern behind it on a 9 ft long 5x leader.I managed one bite but was still not really getting anything,but after a while i realized my problem,a 9ft leader isnt long enough to reach the fish so i switched right over to a 14ft leader and i immediately started getting bit and was getting fish all over!! this continued for about 4 hours, fish were rising everywhere and other anglers where catching a few fish here and there  and i caught over 2 dozen trout on the same flies,mainly on the mini leech because the chironomid got torn up on the first fish that took it.sometimes i would leave my flies int he water while turning my float tube to move,then i would look back and my strike indicator would be under..it was fun fishing. i even had one fish bite my indicator!! after that it slowed down and i caught 5-6 more trout  but for some reason the bite died off the rest of the trip and i saw nobody catching anything. My family members were spin fishing and were not able to tap into any trout but managed one bass and some perch. It was a great day out, and my new 5wt stood up to the test!! here are some fish/scenery pics and video



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