Sunday, May 27, 2012

opening day

most oregon streams opened for trout may26th so me and a friend headed out early to get as many hours as possible on the water. We later found out it was a great choice because the fish were spread out and covering the water was the name of the game. we fished nymphs all and caught some very nice some tok an unbelievable amount of line,some jumped 3ft in the air, there was a new surprise around every corner.This trip was really catch and release wild trout fishing at it's finest. We were away from everyone..just us,the stream,the fish and wildlife, when in the wilderness you feel somewhat connected to it , just relaxed and there is nothing like it. No bait containers,no lures stuck in trees and wads of fishing line just the beauty of the oregon coast range.

We got ALOT of video footage this trip but it wont be available for atleast a week, ill post it all once it's edited and everything..hope these pics will hold you all over until i post the videos!!

very healthy and hard fighting cutthroat ate a possie bugger

another nice wild cuttie
                                                           Some scenery/stream pics

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