Sunday, May 13, 2012

slow day

things haven't been going the best lately, tried to get away and fish yet the bad luck followed us, i barely got to use the float tube and half the spots we went had no fish, i knew where we could have gone to fish but for a stupid reason we didn't go there. anyways on to the fishing, i didn't get the footage i wanted of course because nothing went right really.. caught about a dozen fish, 6 pike minnow (commonly called chubs or squaw) and 6 bluegill. all the gills were in coves under a very thick mat of cotton wood, and it was a challenge catching them. i managed a few fish and missed a few bites at our last stop of the day but that cottonwood is just so nasty it was near impossible, and the fish were nowhere else to be found. Tuesday im hitting on of the local small streams for trout again hopefully my luck will change

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