Sunday, May 20, 2012

cutting it up

Me trying to land a fish
Yesterday me and a friend fished  a stream for cutthroat  since the water has dropped in recent days.
Within ten minutes we were already getting some fish, these fish didn't have any real size to them but they fight very hard and are beautiful wild trout. we both chose to fish different techniques that way we could each land the most fish possible. I fished nymphs and my friend used dries. We did a little bit of hiking covering water,catching  a fish and missing bites every now and then until the sun came out,then the fishing turned on and we were catching scrappy little cutties out of pockets/seams left and right!
 in one nice long and deep run  we got 4 fish each and i hooekd one giant that managed to shake the hook.after that the fishing seemed to die down and we caught a few more fish before calling it a day.
This was the first real trout trip of the season,a good one at that.  Here are a few pictures we took
might have some gopro video footage up after next saturday.

Nice cutthroat taken on a possie bugger nymph

This scrappy little cuttie took my nymphs on the swing

The stream

Sam fishing a small run

another one of the stream
a nice little cuttie sam caught, it had a chunk taken out of it's back from a bird

another one of sam's on a dry

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