Wednesday, May 9, 2012

update of a long week and conservation

Well, almost the weekend now, we are approaching  85 degree weather..cant wait i have been bored out of my mind lately just waiting to fish. my box is stocked for a trip for warmwater species this weekend, i will be taking the float tube out for the first time this year. alot of stress floating around in my household right now,sick people stressed parents and all. it isn't very fun.. im just trying to hold on until may 26th when the local stream opens so i can have somewhere to fish without worrying about gas... gas prices have really affected fishing. this weekends trip should be an epic one look out for pics/video saturday and sunday.


                              Conservation /misc  

    Lately there has been an ongoing effort so slow the goose logging project on the McKenzie bridge area of the upper McKenzie river,  This area of old growth forest is beautiful and and is also important to many animals that call the Upper McKenzie  basin home But loggers threaten to cut it down. i Wont write up too many details,because more info can be provided in the below links.

Upper McKenzie river (could you imagine the banks without trees?)
Please go to these links and read up on the goose project and see what you can do to save McKenzie bridge and help protect the fish that live in this section of river,and the animals that roam in the woods. thank you for your support,please pass this on and make sure everyone is aware of this project


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