Thursday, May 17, 2012

another day at the pond

Yesterday started out with me and my buddy going to check out a new place we had recently heard of
recently. We arrived at that place,fished for an hour or two with no bites at all and we didn't see a single fish. After that disappointment  we headed to the regular pond and got on some feisty bluegill and crappie right away. We got into all sizes of fish and at one point i even caught fish on 6 consecutive casts and hooked one on the 7th but it popped off. My buddy was using his spinning rods and caught a crappie on a spinner bait while going after bass (i know i know this is a fly fishing blog,but not all of my friends only fly fish like myself)  We saw a few nice bass jump but none wanted our offerings,i tossed cork popper flies and my friend tossed all kinds of stuff on his spinning gear but no bass. it seems im doing alot more warmwater then stream fishing for this time of year but that will change starting the 26th. either way i enjoy catching bluegill and trout but trout are my favorite
Here are some pics from the trip


  1. Great stuff! I have an addiction to panfish that destroys my bass fishing at times. Those are some slabby looking gills. Well done.

  2. thanks! i know what you mean..half the time i'm out there im after bass but see panfish and can't help myself hahaha