Friday, April 8, 2011

a change of luck-my first dry fly fish.

Well, it was a boring day after school..  very nice,sunny and warm. Then i get a call that a friend is going to a job interveiw and wanted to know if i would acompany him. I said hell yes! knowing the I-5 bridge was on the way there i grabbed a fly rod ,my box and we headed out.  After the interveiw we stopped and ate for a few minutes and talked. Then i got my rod out, scouted a bit of river and  tied on a dry  because the stoneflies were hatching. The first cast was horrible and sloppy and my dead drift wasn't even dead.   Second cast was so smooth and i placed it right in the perfect spot.  I watched the fly get carried by the current forever, until it hit a shadow and BAM!   not a steelhead as i was looking for, but a feisty little cutthroat going nuts with my size 12 royal stimlator in it's mouth.  after that fish i had to nymph because i had no fly floatant.   I got one bite on a rubber legged bead head prince nymph and called it a day.  a good one at that.


  1. Way to go Brandon! Nothing like seeing a fish eat your dry fly. Nymphing just ain't as fun, even if you do catch more fish :)

  2. Thanks mark, it means alot. This is an acomplishment in my fly fishing career. Nymphing is definately not as fun. And for everyone else who reads this i am sorry for the terrible spelling and grmmar errors.. i was using my friends computer to psot this and his keyboard is a wrieless and was running low on battery juice.