Thursday, March 24, 2011

gotta love oregon

Besides great fishing wildlife is another thing i enoy in this state, living  a few blocks away from some patches of woods and a creek we have deer and raccoons etc.   The deer even come up into the yards to sleep and eat.  I feed them apples and stuff  when they come visit. It's pretty cool. anyways back to fishing.. i took a few pictures of my home creek that way everyone has an idea of what the water i fish looks like species i catch are cutthroat trout,rainbow trout,suckerfish, and very rarely coho salmon, this is the creek at a mid winter level. Its actually not that bad usually during late spring early summer you are able to walk along alot of it this will be my first year fly fishing it so look out for some reports!. And also my new selection of flies i got from  only 50cents for each fly!

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