Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what ive been up to

Ive been slaying the fish all over since ive been gone with my friends.  which i am dedicating this post to.  thank you for all of the awesome trips you have all shared with me.  the camfires and laughs, big trout and exploding sodas it's all a blast and leaves me looking forward to  the next trip
here are some pictures of trips from july to october there will be a few more into the winetr but it will slow with the closing of trout season, so since i tie flies alot now ill post some patterns i tie after a while  tight lines,

Brandon H

                                                  My first deschutes river redband

  McKenzie river redband
                                               our campsite at the crooked river
                                                        crooked river redband

                                      working the evening BWO hatch on the crooked river
                                                         14 inch dry fly cutthroat
                                                          coast range river
                                                 trillium lake trophy trout

these fish would not be possible if it were not for my friends. Thanks guys!   always look forward to the next trip

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