Thursday, March 29, 2012

salmon & steelhead fly tying

im going to take a stab at a little fly tying post for my viewers, This post is about the fly i caught my steelhead on last saturday,  It is a huge part of my success in my first season fly fishing for winter steelhead.  I came across this pattern while browsing the fly pattern library at the Oregon fly fishing blog, i was looking for an alternative fly to use because it seemed alot of the water i was fishing needed a larger presentation that had movement rather then two egg patterns.  i picked a body and head color and started tying away, after switching over to The fly i had a few more hookups and alot more takes then before.  eventually i was able to get one to stick and landed that 20lb monster.
so here it is, a little bit different then the original (i used different eyes ).  it is called the shortly dubbed egg sucking leech

                                               Shortly dubbed egg sucking leech
 This fly deserves a place in every salmon and steelhead fly fishermans box  because you can tie it in dozens of different colors and sizes to best match the conditions you will be fishing. I caught my first winter steelhead on this particular color combo. for best results fish this fly off an indicator  for coho salmon and steelhead. tie it in darker colors for summer steelhead and brighter colors for winter steelhead and coho except when the water is low.

                               Thread: ultra thread 170 white
                               Hook: mustad 3366 or daiichi x510 sizes 2-6
                               Body: shrimp pink crosscut rabbit strip

                               weight : chrome plated lead eyes  large

                                head: sts trilobal  fl.flame             


  1. Nice- this has been a good fly for me too. I usually call them steelhead darts or agitators but purple is great on the deschutes summer steel as you mentioned


  2. Thanks. i went through alot of patterns (eggs &nymphs) this being my first winter steel season i wanted to find something that worked in most conditions. This fly out fished the volcano egg & other egg patters/nymphs By alot.