Thursday, November 1, 2012

Long Time,no Post

Well,what can i say?  now busy full time with school and looking for a job i have actually found myself with a lot less time on my hands to do stuff as usual imagine that?. Trout season ended yesterday,and although i didn't fish the last day i had a blast fishing egg patterns for cutthroat in a local creek for a few hours last week,nothing big but plenty of hard takes while tight line nymphing little glo bugs,this time without the indicator,a new trick up the sleeve i learned this year,it comes in handy for small streams.Now i sit inside waiting to head up to the lake tomorrow after doing some homework.

  My life has become somewhat "balanced"  i do a lot of school work and i am learning new skills,and when i work hard enough i am rewarded with enough time to fish with a friend for a day.The new schedule surprisingly is somewhat enjoyable even with the stress. With 2 more films planned from this month through the end of march it will be a busy and eventful winter,so posts may not be as frequent like usual,but i will be around and posting what i can. Right now i am excited,winter steelhead season is about to start and i am on a mission this upcoming season.

In other news,a while back while we were still in an unusual drought keeping most fishing slow. Sam had the idea for a short film to keep us busy while waiting for rain we set out in less than desirable conditions hoping for the best. It was difficult as the valley became windy and the nights grew colder,making the ever so picky bluegill in this pond even harder to catch. i would embed the video,but it doesn't seem to work,so there is a link below


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  1. Im glad to hear you are in school and focused on some fun creative projects, nice video Brandon.. tell randy hi for me- Brad