Sunday, February 24, 2013

report and Season outlook

Although the season is not over yet,i feel like it is coming to a close quickly just like last years.Let me start off by saying i did expect to catch more this year,due to the fact that i have learned so much since my first season (last year).I figured i would hook fish regularly,but to my surprise it just hasn't been that easy.Last season there was ALOT of rain.This created good angling opportunities in the best conditions possible.By the end of the season i had gone 1/7 with many missed bites and such.But this year has been different.I do think the numbers are down,which is sad to say,but i think the two things getting in the way most have been the crappy conditions,there has been no rain up until about 3 days ago..driest winter ever,and the fact that we are making a film,so we are only fishing one stream.These variables are like a brick wall that i cant quite climb.Ive landed one steelhead this season,with another hooked today,and 3 or 4 hook sets that didn't stick.Ive been in the right place,int he right conditions,and what i have thought to be the right time,but the fish have thrown me another curve ball.Today i hit the favorite stream of choice knowing the water was up,and had a perfect green tint to it.I hit the usual spots,with not even a single sign of steelhead to show for it.Halfway through the day i hooked one fish which came unbuttoned,and never touched another steelhead the whole day despite near perfect conditions.I did however catch a very nice cutthroat,often a by-catch while fishing for steelhead on the coast.Another plus was testing my new shooting head and it worked flawlessly chucking my heavy indicator setup.It was a good day,but leaves me doubting whether we will finish the season on a high note like previously expected.All we can do is hope,and try our hardest to land some fish before march 31st hits.The month of march has been my favorite so im hoping it does not let me down.

Here are some pics from todays trip.

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