Saturday, December 10, 2011

stuck in the house...old report

I'm stuck in the house, broke looking for a job right now so i guess i will post a bunch of pics from late spring and summer on the upper end of my favorite stream

So first, July 2011 

My friend andrew came down from the portland area to come fly fish for trout in the coast range , we did a 2 mile hike to reach our fishing spot.we packed in waders,food,boots etc..heavy load to say the least. We stopped at the top of a small steep trail through some poison oak and suited up and rigged our rods, we both went straight to nymph rigs, i tied on my favorite fly, the possie bugger with a bead head prince on the dropper. We headed down to the water and within 30 seconds i landed a nice 10 inch cutthroat..the rest of the day was Pretty much the same story, Every good riffle had some nice cutthroat. The last fish of the day was caught by  me, a very bulky and hard fighting cutthroat..around 16 inches. We ended the day with 27 caught and plenty missed and a few that came unbuttoned, andrew even missed the same nice cuttie (13-14 inches) 4 times before keeping the hook in him! what a day it was. here are some pictures..enjoy!!

sorry for the blurry pictures



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