Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tough start to the season

yesterday me and a few friends took a day trip to a small stream int he coast range for opening day,we ended up doing alot of hiking to scout out new water,it was brutal but we did find some cool new spots. The water was moving pretty fast still and the fish were not very willing but i managed to catch two pretty little cutties and i hooked two others that didn't stay hooked and also missed a few bites and one of my buddies  caught one fish and hooked another.  It was a rough trip for me. my hat cam failed witch ruined my short film,a drop of water  screwed up my only fish pic of the day i managed to take before said camera failure and i lost almost all of my nymphs and indicators somehow plus my tippet..also lost my net. despite all of the screw ups it was still a fun day hanging out and catching a few trout also watched a huge march brown hatch come off in several stretches. here are the very few pics i managed to take before the cam failure

Andrew trying to entice fish to bite his nymphs

andrew re-rigging

upstream view

failure of a fish pic

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