Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Central Oregon stillwater fly fishing

This past weekend i was invited to go out on a boat in a very popular central oregon stillwater trout fishery.This Was my first real trip on a real big stillwater lake and i had a blast.We Fished chironomids under a strike indicator/bobber and that proved to be the most successful method,a few fish were also caught fishing attractor patterns and sinking lines. We all got into a good amount of fish and it was considered a good weekend as far as the fishing goes on this body of water this year.The fish in cp have to be the hardest fighting trout ive ever had on my line without a doubt, each fish proved that by bending our rods to the cork and i was also taken into my backing more then ever!  all in all i learned alot more about stillwater fly fishing from two of the best and i look forward to more lake fishing in the future. Not just the fishing but the trip in general ranks in at one of the best ive ever been on easily.I ended up hitting what i consider the crane prairie grand slam (rainbow trout,brook trout and kokanee) and both friends caught alot of fish,including one whopper 8+lber randy caught!!
We  all had some laughs and enjoyed each others company and had a great time. Here are some pictures

                       Here are some pictures of me,including my 24 inch 5.5lb 
          cranebow,a kokanee pushing 20 inches and a chunky brookie

                    Here is randy with his 25 1/4 inch 8lb rainbow,a few 
                        smaller rainbows and some brookies



                              Here is john with some brookies and kokes



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