Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guest posters wanted (details,revised)

We are currently taking email applications for guest posters on this blog, we are looking to make the blog a little more diverse and fun.each post will be posted throughout the period of a month.The post that gets the most views  gets picked to  post on the blog whenever they choose,maximum once every 2 weeks (subject to change) until march 2013.

to enter you must live in the pacific northwest (Oregon,Washington,northern California)

all entries  must be at least  1 paragraph long

all entries must contain at least one picture

it must be a fly fishing related post

no dead native fish stories/pictures will be accepted.

 in your entry you must provide your blog post,picture(s),first name and state you live in and an email.., a confirmation email will be sent confirming if you post is accepted or deferred.

all entries must be  received by august 22nd,2012

send your entries or questions to 

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