Monday, September 10, 2012

diamond lake trip/conservation news etc

Well,it's been a while since ive posted,but i don't have much to some of you may know this year was a public process year in witch the public,osp and odfw staff have come together trying to form the 2013 fishing regulations.It has been HELL to say the least...politics are not my thing and it has been email after email after email plus angry unethical fisherman throwing every insult in the book at us,in a way our efforts were rewarded with a bait ban on a non stocked section of the mckenzie ,but the regs at crane didn't change much for the better.. sadly.still awaiting a few  proposals at this hour,mainly trying to figure out whether the anti snagging rules apssed to rid a few rivers of snaggers. I want to sincerely thank anyone who has seen my posts on forums and sent in letters of support for these proposals,for the ones that passed you helped the fishery they were for! the new 2013 regs will be available december 1st,so pick one up and read up! the next 4 year period where regulations are revised please be ready with new proposals and be ready to support some!!

  August i took the 4 hour ride to camp at diamond lake   and give my first try  at the lake with the reputation of being a fish factory because it grows fat,thick shouldered,hard running rainbows quickly.  With some helpful info from a friend we headed to the lake,setup camp and headed to the water.It seemed as if  we had things getting in the way even when the trip was in the planning stages,and they continued at the boat ramp. it took us over an hour to get ready and get the tubes pumped up due to my cousin having trouble airing up his tube. After taking 15 minutes to kick out,he realized he had a leak,so i had to escort him back in,then kick back out! after finding a nice channel in the weeds my indicator dipped and the fight was one! my rod was bent and my drag was screaming as the big rainbow gave it's best efforts to escape,jumping 3 times and shaking it's head all over. After a few minutes of battle  a 22 1/2 inch rainbow comes to hand,i took a picture admiring the hefty beast and let it swim away with a smile on my face. After that fish i ended up with 3 more for the morning,all 14-17 inch chunky bows,but since i got on t he water late i didn't have much time before the wind kicked up,slowing the fishing down.As if the road blocks we had encountered the time we were there my dad called me in with an emergency,ending our trip before the first day was even was a very frustrating end to a trip that held so much potential..but it leaves me with a taste of what diamond lake is,a fish factory.

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