Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two birthdays +bumps & bruises


on friday   we headed up into the coast range to a river that receives  little to no pressure for trout in the summer for a friend's birthday.We hiked a few miles  covering water throughout the day catching plenty of trout,and to our surprise,even 30+ miles inland from the salt we caught  a few chrome fresh sea run cutthroat and saw many more swimming around in the deeper holes.Although we were able to entice a few to bite most remained very selective and spooky,the resident trout really saved the this day.I was really beat up by the end of this trip, the rocks are usually very slippery and can be dangerous even with felt soles,my left shin bone would know after i landed with all of my weight on it.  Also,a friendly reminder to those that wade coastal rivers, spring chinook have spawned in some areas,so watch where you step and make sure not to step on redds.Monday for my birthday was a little slower and seemed to be a rough day.  The fishing location my dad suggested  turned out to be sort of a bust,and i also ended up losing my 5wt rod and fell on my already bruised left shin from friday leaving me limping down a gravel road avoding log trucks in the hot sun...but it could have been worse. caught a few cutthroat and didn't see a single steelhead. I'm ready to wipe that day off the books and go out somwhere i know ill catch trout,then heading somewhere for 3days of stillwater fishing at the end of the month


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