Thursday, March 14, 2013

First trout of 2013

     Recently i was invited on a stillwater trip with a friend of mine, and without any second thought i said yes. Excited for the first stillwater trout trip of 2013 i packed my gear and we headed into the cold snowy hills.A few sausage egg McMuffins and fish stories later we arrived at the destination,a beautiful piece of water i have never been to.

          As we get out i surveyed the water and saw fish on the top right away; "Should have brought some dry flies" i said as i eagerly unpacked my float tube and gear.As we chat and start to unpack i casually glance at the water and notice the action steadily picking up on further exciting me to launch and get after them, but i knew it would not be quite that easy.

     About an hour in we had 3 fish total between us but according to my fishing partner it was quite slow; especially with how many fish were rising, but we later found out it was due to rising water levels.Eventually hope prevailed; after a while of rising the water began to drop back down and the bite picked for us;yielding a few strong whities, some beautiful rainbows, and a few special bull trout (a first for me).The bite was on and off the rest of the day bringing us a few more fish to hand; but there were quite a few missed opportunities i could not capitalize on.The trip was a success and we hit a sweet pizza joint on the way back and talked about the up and down type day that we had experienced.

What a way to start out trout season!

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