Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twenty Four:Fly Fishing for oregon coast steel

Here it is folks! although the season isnt quite over we gave up a little early ( i might go one more time with this rain) the fishing is not like last year,and the small amount of rain and clear water has made it hard since this is only my second year,i am just now figuring out low water steelhead.We had bites,a few hookups,but not alot landed. Even with a lack of fish for this film sam put it together and really put in perspective why we chase steelhead in the small streams of the oregon coast range,it is just awesome.We will be back and more ready than ever next season. For more on sam's videos click the "lone wolf productions" tab
Twenty-Four: Fly Fishing for Oregon Coast Steel from Sam Brost-Turner on Vimeo.

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