Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is here/ update

    Things have really slowed down around here, i haven't been on the water in a while, though i am dying inside to get on the water i am surprisingly surviving.There have been a few rough patches with my health and family relations lately but i should have seen it coming, i had a 2 year or so stretch where i was anxiety free and i felt great; and nobody goes through life without a rough patch here and there, it is one of those "bothers you in the moment" type things that you seem to forget about when having a good time, which i have accomplished by staying concentrated in school and tying chironomid pupa for stillwater applications,which i plan to use alot this year.

experimental double rib chironomid pupa

      After having my float tube stabbed with a knife i had to order a patch that finally showed up, and it is less than 3 weeks until the opening of my favorite small trout stream so i have some positive things going on and to look forward to.I also got some new stillwater gear from a very generous friend, hopefully this time i can manage to keep this one for at least a year without it being stolen.

Cabela's Traditional 3 fly rod

I have a doctors appointment to straighten my health issues out and hopefully i can be at 100% in time for summer! i can fish as is but things will be much easier without the presence of anxiety.Things are looking up and ill hopefully be out to put a bend in the new 5wt and test my new clear camo intermediate fly line.With this bi polar oregon weather it makes things tough,especially when the lake fishery of choice is now out of shape because the random rain storm made the creek it is on wash out.This year is shaping up to be a great one and as always i look forward to learning more about the fish and how i can get better at catching them.Sunny days chasing trophies in the cascades are getting closer and closer

Fly Fishing a Central Oregon lake for trophy rainbow trout

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