Monday, May 13, 2013

What happened to spring?

This past winter and what now should be spring has seemed to be absent this year.It was a let down to have such a lack of rain during the winter steelhad season, which i depended on for good fishing.The transition from winter to spring was seamless, and up to now we have had virtually no rain, and a handful for 70-80 degree days, it really feels like mid june! school is out in a few weeks and it will be all fishing (and hopefully work) until september

   Bass and bluegill have spawned,salmon flies are hatching on the deschutes, and my favorite small stream is 100cfs lower than it was at this time last year,with the fish that inhabit it already taking dry flies.It seems everything is a few weeks ahead of what it would normally be, but is it a good thing? to me, it is nothing more than a pain, since everything is "off schedule" now it makes it harder to fish a body of water at peak timing if it is an off year like we are experiencing right now. I guess i could also take it as a challenge though, nothing better than really grinding it out when the fishing may be difficult, those are the times when you learn more about a certain fishery rather than the days where you can't keep the fish off the hook.

   Despite very unusual conditions so far this year the fishing has been steady and it looks like we have a good but very hot summer ahead of us. Last month my favorite little gem opened for trout, me and Sam put the hammer on some wild cutties which were eating almost every fly we threw at them ,and the bass at the local pond were on the spawn recently providing me with plenty of action the past few weeks,while i wait for school to get out so i can start dragging my float tube to some stillwaters, my stillwater box is getting fuller every week and ready to head over the hills!

Sam's first trout of 2013

One of plenty from opening day-taken on a possie bugger

the water is in amazing shape for how early in the season it is

4lb largemouth  bass sight fished

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