Monday, June 10, 2013

A brick wall,but only temporarily

For the most part things have been great, weather has improved,school is out, i have a job, but there are a few things that seem to be blocking me. First the bad news i got yesterday was my camera broke (motor that works the lens sounds destroyed) and i wont be starting work for another 2 weeks or so which is too darn long! so i have to wait almost a month to replace it. My fishing buddy has a week left of school so i haven't been doing too much on the water, so all of these things have mixed together and created a temporary 2 week long brick wall in front of me. Still, i have a job so i can replace my camera luckily, and  i can finally afford my own fishing gear rather than having to borrow money from my parents or rely on others. I can be the guy that buys gas,the guys that offers to pay for the campsite and breakfast or dinner, i can spare flies and gear to others that struggle;i won't be the broke ass anymore! and it feels so good to say it.So even though i am at a stand still at the moment, things are looking up and this summer is going to be great.

Here are some recent pics from the past few weeks,the pond near my house has been keeping me busy when i have been able to fish. The bass are getting active and chasing stuff around,post spawn is over and they are spread out in the shade eating bluegill.

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