Sunday, March 30, 2014

Apologies & updates (IMPORTANT)

       Hey all, as you have noticed i have been on and off for the past several months, barely posting and what not. Through the whole time, i wasn't able to access the blogs email account, and sadly, not reply to any mail. I offer my sincere apologies to anyone who sent us mail over that course of time, emails are currently being sent though months behind. School has been rough and my time was more focused on it than anything in life.

    So please, feel free to email us with any questions and or comments with confidence from now on, as the problem is taken care of.  Pacific Northwest Fly Fishing is back full time, and with a bang. Fly tying videos, some more short films by the one and only Sam  Brost-Turner, and some much needed gear reviews. In addition for 2014 we hope to add links and reviews to local guides and outfitters to help find you the best of the best for your next fly fishing trip.

     A big thanks to those who have stuck around, as my time has freed up, spring is here, and fishing time has arrived. With a mild snow pack this winter many lakes east of the cascades are beginning to ice off or the snow has melted on access roads. It sure gives me a case of the jitters as the central Oregon fishing season is about under way.

A few short float tube trips to the favorite mountain lake have held us over until c-o turns on for the spring,

Here are some pictures, and once again, thanks for hanging in there folks, it was a long vacation!!!

Brandon Hill

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