Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring break rules

After a pretty slow winter steelhead  season for sam and myself we decided to hang up the 8wts and go after trout to start our spring break. Luckily there are few waters open this time of year, though it requires a drive. We fished two days with slower than normal action but did manage some nice fish and of course the non fishing campire activities were just as fun. But when you do have a slow few days on the water and you can see the trout, and know they are feeding, you are left to wonder what you did wrong. Though fishing was slow were had a great time and ill take it over sitting at home any day. There really is nothing better than hooking some beautiful wild trout with a good friend.

Wild rainbow trout

This trip reminds me we are close to the snow and ice melting off lakes up in the cascades and good fishing is in the near future.With a low snow pack things are sure to be difficult this year, but there will be no lack of fish and bent rods. With that in the future, all i can do is tie some flies and play the waiting game

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