Monday, April 7, 2014

Stillwater Mode Activated

Spring has arrived and along with it a whole host of opportunities.Lakes are icing off, and hatches are starting.Music to the ears of any avid stillwater trout angler as he knows the time has come.Flies are being tied by the hundreds, and unfortunately the local fly shops run short of materials often (haha) ive been fortunate enough to fish two awesome lakes in the past week, and had the chance to catch 6 different kinds of trout.It was a very long week of riding in the trucks, tying leaders, and fortunately, hooking lots and lots of fish, having my personal best day on the favorite late winter lake with two good friends.

After that trip sam and i headed east to a desert lake and spent our time in windy conditions stripping leeches for lahontan cutthroat, which was an incredible experience.  in 4 days of fishing last week i only broke off two fish (both lahontans while stripping flies) but none while chironomid fishing in the other lake. My hook up to land ratio has been incredible and i can only hope it continues.With a few weeks of hard school work on my plate it is time to take a break from the water and tie flies, before the central Oregon lakes open up and begin to fish well. Full fly boxes and tight lines ahead.

Photo credit: Sam Brost-Turner

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