Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Dope On a Rope" (Leech On a Leader)

This spring while fishing a few new to me stillwaters attractor patterns have been the bread and butter when it comes to locating fish.This pattern hasn't only accounted for finding the fish, but catching quite large, and aggressive trout as well.The fly is tied sparse to look lively in the water, and has lead wraps on the front 1/3 of the body to give the fly a distinct leach like "swim"  the bead and dubbing catch light and adds some attraction as well.I also tie this pattern on a curved shank hook in smaller sizes for indicator fishing and it can be just as effective.Also works in olive/orange, and maroon with the same red bead (my favorite). If you are looking for a pattern to use when searching for trout this fly will get the job done, and because it is some simple to tie, and is durable, can be a time saving alternative to tying woolly bugger type patterns with hackle and all of the extras.

Black/red Simi seal leech

Hook: TFS 5263 sizes 8-12
Thread: utc 70, wine
Bead: red silverlined glass
Tail: black marabou (sparse)
Body: Black/red arizona simi seal
Rib (optional) small red ultra wire
Weight: small lead wire (wrap front 1/3 of shank for good action)

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