Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring in Central Oregon

     Early this week a good friend and i made the first trip over the mountain to the central Oregon lakes.With high hopes and not knowing what to expect we started the week off at diamond lake.Diamond being a premier stillwater in oregon always gets me excited as i know the possibilities of not only large fish, but great numbers as well.

We started off in the usual depths where fish are usually found, and right off the bat it was bobber (indicator) down! the fish was a year old 12 incher, and a fat one. After that things never really picked up, and we moved a lot covering water only to find a few more fish either chironomid fishing, or trolling with our sink lines from spot to spot.After 6 hours of hard fishing we had only a total of 8 fish, the biggest being the 19 incher my friend landed. After the disappointment of a slow day at diamond we packed up and headed for hosmer, only to find that the road was still snowed over good about 1/8 mile in.

Leaving hosmer we headed for lava lake, and decided to spend our next 2 days there if the fishing was good, and good it was.After my friend located the drop off's on the shoals he hammered the rainbows fishing chironomids, as did i from time to time.During the first day the chironomid fishing was solid for hours until the evening arrived when fish would move shallow, at that time we would pull anchor, and strip flies on sink lines for the aggressive bows'!

On the second day (half day) i got a late start and caught up to my friend on a new area we hand't fished since being there, and it turned out to be the mother load. Anchored up in one spot without moving from about 10:00 to 2:00 the bite was so good all of our rods would get bit within 5 seconds of eachother! my friend would often hook one fish, then another on his second rod! it was such an incredible bite while it lasted you couldn't help but laugh.The fish were all very well conditioned, some even fat, and full of fight,especially on our 4wt rods.

It was an excellent start to the season, and though it will be a low water year, i think fishing will be excellent on some of our lakes.

waiting for a plunge

Can't beat the scenery!



Fish on!

A healthy  lava lake rainbow taken on a maroon leech pattern

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