Sunday, May 29, 2011

another day,another suprise

Went down to the town portion of my favorite stream to do some fly fishing, fshed below the city park  and caught 3 fish in the first few stretches of water and noticed other fisherman..  i have rarely seen anyone fishing here  so it was kind of a shocker but they seemed to be doing catch and release like me so that was good to see.   caught a few more fish and headed upriver  missing a few strikes here and there, had to replace a few flies because the teeth on the cutthroat tear flies apart fairly quick.  After heading up further i spotted 2 more fisherman, i know for sure my internet fishing reports on the website    have led to more fishing pressure in this stream, there were also 2 local highschoolers  down under a bridge with 2 little kids  trying to catch and keep..   i recognized them  so i went down to fish and chat, they only had one small fish on the stringer and were having trouble catching fish (they were using big spoons and spinners)  so i decided to cast, ended up outfishing them all with my rainbow prince nymph  i got from  this is by far my favorite nymph for indicator fishing, its a badass attractor pattern and has caught over 10 fish for me these past 2 days.    they begged for me to give them my fish  to eat but i refused and released them all, including the biggest fish of the day that took line and gave me a run for my money,      they kept pushing it upon me to give up the fish i was catching but i said no and keep releasing, eventually the bite died off in that one pocket since i had caught 4 fish there, so i  moved upstream  caught 1 more and called it a day and went to work i will be taking my dad down to the city park tomorrow and try to get him his first fish on a fly rod.

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