Monday, May 30, 2011

The one that got away

i Lost a long battle with what i assume to be a cutthroat the went over 17 inches ... and boy did he put up a fight. i was nymphing a slick above some fast water and it was only like 3 ft deep. missed 3 strikes before hooking up and the fish stayed in the general area for about 30 seconds tugging and shaking it's head, then when i tried pulling it closer it rocketed downstream into fast water zipping alot of line off my reel, i lightly palmed the spool hoping to slow the fish down and it didnt help much, eventually after about 2 minutes i managed to get the fish a wee bit closer getting a glimpse of silver in the shallows, i starting stripping line and bringing him closer, once again when he got close he turned around and went into the swift water again. for another 20-30 seconds i struggled to keep him out of the swifter water so my 4lb test leader didnt break.. i stripped a it of line and thought i had won the battlle.. WRONG! he turned around and i saw a glimse of silver and my flies came out of the water and landed infront of me.i felt defeated but honored at the same time. honored to feel the tug of a beast cutthroat at the end of my line. after closer examination to determine what went wrong the hook was broken on my size 16 beadhead rainbow prince.. out of all things, my hook broke not my leader.. i was quite disapointed. i only landed 2 fish today and hooked and lost another 4 idk why i lost so many fish but i had a good day and caught some pretty little fish. it started to rain around 7:30 pm and i braved the weather for 30 minutes before my hands went numb, then called it a day.

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