Tuesday, May 31, 2011

with roaring thunder comes tricky fish

fished for about 4 hours afterschool today, i knew  the water would be up and a wee bit off color but i decided to give it a go anyways,    took a while to get any bites. i worked the same stretch of water for a while hooking one fish and missing a few good bites.  a bit frustrated i move downstream to one of my favorite sptos i haven't fished sicne opening day, ended up missing quite a few bites ,hooked and loosing one good fish and landing 3.  not huge fish but he was decent sized and took line.   there was a thunderstorm about halfway through the trip   wich was pretty cool. it wasnt much of a big oen though.    the rain seemed to turn the bite on in my favor but i couldnt get a solid hookset. i need to work on my hooksets while fly fishing

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